Wednesday, 27 August 2014

About destiny

A few youth have asked questions about destiny.

We keep hearing a lot about destiny, future, astrology, horoscope and stuff. While many write these things off, others back them saying they have a scientific base. It’s a science based on planetary positions, they add.

Without getting into this debate, I would like you to think on the following lines and decide for yourselves.

What are the things people usually want to know about in their bid to peep into future? For instance,

(a)    Will I live long?
(b)   How financially sound will I be?
(c)    Will I be happy overall?
(d)   Will I have kids?

Let’s analyse them.

(a) One may live for 40 years or 60 years or 80 years, one has to die. Again, what is more important to you, length of life or quality of life? What is better, to live like a lion for 30 years or as a lamb for 300 years? Again who do you think is better, one who dies to save others or one who kills others to save self? To me, how one lives should count and not how long one lives.

(b) One will be as much financially sound as one’s ability or outlook is. One may be able to earn hugely but one’s outlook may not make one do it. All said and done, everyone will get what one deserves at a given point in time. Earning more implies making oneself more deserving. It may be contested that some undeserving people are seen with their coffers overflowing. They may deserve differently, who knows? People usually tend to count as to how much one deserves based on one’s academic background or hard work, which is not always the case.

(c) Happiness is a state of mind. You may have all the things in the world but still you may crib and be not content and you may not have a penny left on you but still you may be content.

(d) Does it deserve a comment? :-)

Destiny is what we make out of life.


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